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Mixed Media on Gesso, Inspired by the Songs Written and Performed by TRAIN

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Soul Vacation
18" x 18"

Inspired by "Drops of Jupiter"
Hitching A Ride
24" x 18"
Inspired by "Get To Me"

You Don't Have To Be My Superman

Inspired by "Save the Day"

Stealing Enough To Light The Night

Inspired by "She's On Fire"

The Unattainable
24" x 20"

Inspired by "All American Girl"

I Don't Want to Be the Queen
20"x 20"

Inspired by "Meet Virginia"

Every Color That You Are
24" x 24"

Inspired by "Your Every Color"

The Angels Have Been Called
20" x 24"

Inspired by "Calling All Angels"
I Know You're Here With Me
20" x 20"

Inspired by "When I Look To The Sky"


Lonely Cab in Snowy New York
24" x 24"

Inspired by "Cab"


75" x 36"



Song As Muse Triptych


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Artist Statement

When I hear a song I particularly relate to it becomes mine -- part of the soundtrack of my life -- I'll sing it like an anthem. This is especially true of a song that puts into words feelings I felt I had no way of expressing,

This series of paintings is based on the songs of the rock band Train. Their music and the lyrics by lead singer, Pat Monahan, have been an inspiration and comfort to me over the last five years.

When the World Trade Center attack happened I had a plane ticket for a trip to Ireland. I was determined to go, regardless of fears, and left on the next plane over there. One of cds I took along with me was Train's "Drops of Jupiter." As it turned out, this album served as my source of solace when the memories of that day would rush over me.

It was on that trip, listening to "Drops of Jupiter" that I began working with the ancient Irish symbols found in the megalithic monument of Newgrange in County Meath, Ireland.

As my work evolved, I began to portray places and myths with the ancient symbols. It only seemed natural to begin illustrating the music that served as an inspiration and comfort to me.

By illustrating these songs, I am able to place myself inside of them -- to become a part of them -- as they have become a part of me.

All paintings copyright Kathryn Gerhardt 2004, 2005 and 2006