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Artist, actress, photographer, Kathryn Gerhardt finds her work influenced by the beauty of the soul in the act of creation.

After several trips to Ireland, Kathryn was inspired by the sacred mound of Newgrange in County Meath, which is a megalithic monument made of intricately carved stones, built to the sunrise of the Winter Solstice, which illuminates its darkened chamber on that day to signal the sun is returning. Her paintings on black canvas represents the light coming out of the darkness, the hope the ancients had when the sun returned.

"The energy given off by the stones in County Meath and their carved spirals, circles and diamonds resonates deeply in me. My designs are based on these carvings. Many experts and archaeologists have tried to decipher what has been skillfully carved into the stones, but I find, the more I look at them and work with them, their meanings flow and change -- They become rivers and people, angels and stars. My hope is that my work captures just some of the light and energy given off by these sites and that whoever looks at them will take a little of that light energy with them."

Kathryn is also inspired by musicians and their music. She has done a series of paintings based on songs in which she finds great meaning.

As a photographer, Kathryn most enjoys capturing musicians in the midst of making their music. The total concentration on their art, strips away every mask and the soul is revealed.

Kathryn has been a television publicist, vp and managing editor of publishing in a research department of an investment bank, an assistant house manager and a world's fair tour guide.

She has had solo shows in Ireland and New York, has participated in several group shows and the Boston-based "Pixel Project." Kathryn curated the Estrogenius group show at Manhattantheatresource in 2003. Her photographs appear on such websites as foodpill.com; concertshooter.com; http://www.myspace.com/luiscarlosmaldonado, http://www.myspace.com/jerrybeckermusic, patmonahan.net, http://www.myspace.com/pat_monoman, www.myspace.com/stillmerchantgmailcom, and gottrain.com.

Kathryn was born and raised in East Tennessee. She now makes her home in New York City.